Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindergarten Writing Journal Covers - Printable

I'm gearing up for next year's Kindergarten teaching adventure. I made these cute journal cover pages that I copied onto colored cardstock for student writing journals. I put newsprint story paper for the pages inside. In the way I teach Kindergarten, I believe that there should be a large amount of room for students to illustrate their stories. I also believe in giving students lines to write on, although at first it's more for "exposure" not "precision." I have downloaded fun fonts from 1001 free fonts and love that on a Mac all you do is open up your font book and drag/drop them over and hit install. I haven't worked on journals besides the first two months of school because I might switch to another form of writing books. I do love monthly books. I usually will choose one or 2 copies of student's work and either tear it out or photocopy it for my file as their writing sample and send the monthly journal home.

My September Journal
My October Journal


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