Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I had the opportunity to visit Russell School in Portland. I saw an idea to have students write lists as a Daily 5 option. I thought, wow, what a fun and different way to practice writing. It gives students another format for practicing their writing. Today, I provided some new "lists" which are just half sheets of paper with lines on them topped with a line-drawing I took off of the internet. The students loved writing all sorts of things on their fancy shmancy paper. The art on top is purely decoration as students can write lists of sight words, rhyming words, or be inspired by the image and generate words that have to do with the picture. I honestly don't care what the students are writing as long as they are practicing the skill. I have to say they were a hit!
Lists 1


  1. Love them! Thanks!

  2. What a great writing activity for D5 time. If you think about it, as an adult, you write a lot of lists. So why not have students write lists as well?



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