Saturday, May 14, 2011

Number Formation Songs

A fun way to introduce writing numbers is through rhymes. Here are some little sayings I chant/sing to my students as I teach students how to correctly form numbers.
Number Formation Songs


  1. Love it! I always sing this one:

    Number Writing (to the tune of Skip to My Lou”)

    1-Come right down and that is all
    2-Half way round and slide to the right
    3-Half way round and round again
    4-Down and over and cut it in two
    5-Down and around and give it a hat
    6-Come right down and give it a curl
    7-Slide to the right and come right down
    8-Make an S and bring it on home
    9-Make a curl then come right down
    10-Come right down and make an O

    Repeat each verse 3x, then sing chorus:
    As we keep writing numbers

  2. Cute, thanks for sharing Nicole!


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