Thursday, May 5, 2011

Symmetry City

Today my first graders had a blast with our math lesson. It was originally called Mirror City, but I changed it to Symmetry City. Students had to work in table groups to build a pretend city that was symmetrical across the street. They used pattern blocks, polydrons, paper shapes, scrap paper streets and parks, and wooden cubes. You can see their creativity was great. I let students build for about 5 minutes. One table group really took off so I invited other table groups to view their work and see how it was truly symmetrical. After students observed the model table, they had about 20 minutes to work on their cities. Students loved working together and "playing" while really hitting math standards. Students were saying amazing things about how they were composing shapes like, "teacher...I ran out of trapezoids so I just made one with three triangles." Yippee!

At lunch I was equally impressed with these 6 year olds. One child broke his graham cracker down the middle and exclaimed, "look it has a vertical line of symmetry!" Another child happily chomped away on his little meatball spheres. Geometry is so fun when we take time to notice it all around us!

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