Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Labels

This is about the 100th time that I've organized my books. Each year I continue to search for ways to sort my books making them easy for my students to find and put away in the correct book basket. I revamped my system this year (I can't promise it will be the final time, but I do think it's better than what I had before). I was inspired by my teaching friend Nicole's fabulous book sticker system.

Here's what to do:
1) Print the large book labels and laminate them. Attach them to book baskets.
2) Using Avery 5160 address labels, print the mini-book label stickers.
3) Cut the mini-book label stickers in 1/2 (as there are 2 per sticker) and stick on the corner of each book.
4) Sort your books into the corresponding book basket.

I am so excited to get back into my classroom and get this going. Last year my classroom library books were sorted using colored dots in the corners with more general categories (fiction, non-fiction, animals, etc.), but now it's very specific to the books I have in my classroom. This will make it much easier to find that perfect book I need when I'm doing read-alouds or to loan to a colleague.

More labels to come soon!
Book LabelsBook Stickers 1Book Stickers 2Book Stickers 3Book Stickers 4
Book Stickers 8
Book Stickers 9


  1. Love these new labels! Thanks for posting!

  2. I'm having trouble uploading the rest of the labels, but you get the point and can grab the clipart and insert it to make other labels. I hope these become useful for someone else too!

    Nicole you are always an organizational inspiration to me!

  3. Laura,

    I do something very similar in my classroom. I sort all of the books into groups. I then attach a sticky dot with a specific number on the book. For example, books about electricity and magnets might be #3. (We study that in 4th grade, so I have a lot of books.)

    I have the students help with putting the numbers and dots on the books the first time I do this. I put the books in piles, and a student places the dot on each book as needed from the pile.

    I then place them in book bins. I use book bins so the cover of the books are facing out. I do this for the same reason cereals face out in the grocery store- it sells the book!

    The bins each have the number and the topic. It is now easy for the books to stay organized!


  4. would you organize for 2nd grade? Still by genre? It's tempting to organize by DRA level...hmmm. Help!
    p.s. so fun to find you guys on line. :)

  5. Hey Rachel,
    for 2nd grade I would probably group books together by genre still rather than by DRA. I'm tempted to redo my books with numbers like Luria Learning said. I do like the picture clipart for theme tubs (as in I have over 50 Clifford books/40 Dr. Seuss so they warrant their own tub. But picture books are hard to "sort" unless you have a million tubs. I might go to a number system - I'm not sure. But if you want a DRA sorted library check out these gorgeous free printables from She's an awesome blogger that has everything free!

  6. Love these labels, and appreciate that you shared them! I linked back to them in my latest blog post:

    Thanks again,


  7. Very cute book labels. Perfect for kids. I've been seeing this often in a sticker printing blogs.

  8. Very cute labels. Perfect for kids. I've been seeing this often in a sticker printing company.


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