Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to School

I love going back to school shopping for room decorations. This year I bought a little load because I'm making the transition from first grade to Kindergarten. I needed some more Kindergarten materials so you'll see what I got in the pictures.

This palm tree is going to be the center of my bulletin board outside my door (which is at the end of the main hall for everyone to see) for back to school. I'm going to write students names on the coconuts (I might have enough stick on letters to spell out students' names...we'll see). I'll post words around the tree saying "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Look Who's in Our Room!" Then on the first day of school I'll read the book and we go on an ABC hunt as a class and find different things in our school that begin with the ABCs. We'll find:
A: art closet
B: bathrooms
C: cafeteria
D: dismissal doors etc.

Below are the shape signs I'll either post on the wall as we introduce the 2D shape names, or hang to be table names. I haven't decided yet. I also bought color signs to post so students have both a spelling and learning resource.

Shape Posters (possible table signs)

Color Posters
ABC & 123s large decorations
I purchased these extra large ABC cards to post on the wall above my windows. I have 3 large bulletin boards that are out of my 5'5" reach and won't be accessed much. To fill that large space these letter cards are perfect and add a lot of color! 
Words we know by heart
Instead of having a WORD WALL - this year I'm putting up WORDS WE KNOW BY HEART. Who doesn't love that phrase? Well, I was inspired by the Kindergarten teachers at my school and the Nellie Edge workshop book of ideas. These colorful heart accents are going on my white board to serve as my word-wall. I'll write an uppercase and lowercase letter on each heart  like: Aa, Bb, Cc...and hang them in alphabetical order. Then as we learn sight words, the words will be posted below them. I know this will add tons of cuteness to my room and that's what I love!

Months for Calendar
Ok...confession time, I've been hoarding my months of the year signs for the past 10 years and have a collection of them that really need to hit the recycle bin. Nobody wants to hear that their "stuff" is old, but I had the best teacher's aid that was brave enough to tell me I needed to let my teddy bear months go. Well, you don't have to tell me twice - the teddy bear months have been replaced. Here's to a calendar full of fresh starts.

I am so excited about decorating my room. My nanny is coming in to help me get it ready in August and I can't wait. I'm playing with the idea of covering my student tables with panel board/shower board so I will probably have more pictures of back to school classroom ideas to come. 

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