Saturday, July 23, 2011

Science Unit Printables: Magnets, Seasons, Weather, The Sun, Living Things, Plants, Life Cycles

I made these cute printables for our school district's updated science units.

As a part of the GLAD framework for teaching you give students several chants and songs that have high-level content vocabulary. To make it all the cuter...use my fun cover sheets!

Another part of GLAD is giving students independent work (team tasks) while you work with small groups. The student folder printables are good as cover sheets for this work.

Magnets Poetry Folder
Magnets Student FolderSeasons Student Folder
Seasons Poetry Folder
Weather Poetry Booklet
Living Things Poetry Book
Poetry Bookcover 1.EarthPoetry Book 3


  1. I love the graphics AND the fun fonts!

  2. Thanks Nicole! It's fun making learning tools pretty! I made some third grade ones with you and my sis in mind!


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