Sunday, August 21, 2011

Classroom Tour Part 2

I got into the classroom today (Sunday) which never happens. Our building is alarmed and locked on weekends, but today the principal came in to do some business and let crazy staff members come join. He loves free labor! I loved having my hubby home to watch our baby so I could go in and get some serious cleaning and organizing going on. I accomplished a ton today in about 4 hours. My first task was to put together my IKEA expedit 5 compartment bookcase. I also prepared pencil boxes, organized my library and tossed a bunch of junk away! I'll tell you what's in the pictures below.

 My school charges a $25 supply fee so teachers go out and buy the supplies they want. Students bring in $$ and then they get their handy-dandy school box. This year I included 2 Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils, 24 count Crayola crayons, a pink eraser, glue stick, a fun food shaped eraser from Raymond Geddes, and an "eraser spacer." My Ks will use these to help space between words. They're from Raymond Geddes too and are erasers inside of what looks like a pencil and they have a tiny broom on the other end. One way to get paid for the school supplies (or reimbursed) is to NOT give the pencil boxes out until your students pay. The cool goodies inside make them prized by students so kids nudge their parents to pay that fee. That's way better than being hundreds of dollars out of pocket because kids think they come to school and get free supplies.
 This is the right side of my white board. I rearranged and put my "words we know by heart" word wall here. The other clipart pics are for giving step by step directions. They have sticky putty on the back and I'll move them and use my dry erase pen to label steps.
 Ta-da! Here is my new bookcase! I have stored extra stuff in the boxes. The purple one is my GLAD plants unit. The blue one has extra books, green is Christmas books, yellow is my handwriting books/packets, orange is extra theme books/holidays. On top of that are my book baskets. I've yet to add labels to them. On floor are Dr. Seuss hardbacks and easy leveled readers.
 This corner of my classroom is more of my library. The big bookcase houses 6 compartments of hardback books. There are 2 compartments of oversized soft backed books. I have my phone, lamp, cd player, scentsy and more baskets of books in this corner. I left this bulletin board blank besides my name. I'll post our reading letter of the week, etc. here. I have drawers on the shelf behind this for behavior slips, M-F copies, and there are my curriculum materials.
 Here is a wider shot of this same corner. The green baskets on the bookcase hold books although right now they're empty since I reorganized my library. I love my little red stool.
 My carpet area is bordered by my rolling pocket chart, writing drawers, whiteboards, elmo projector, and my desk.
 Here is my supply area. I have students turn in dull pencils to the school house. I sharpen them and have two cups of pencils ready to use. On the second shelf I have snack food and extra supplies. The bottom shelf (not pictured) holds two bins of toys for indoor recess.
 This tall wooden structure holds my indoor recess toys. In Oregon it rains A LOT, so duty people watch my class in my room and it's up to me to provide toys for them. There are dinosaurs, transformers, a farm and animals, puppets, Barbies, felt boards, babies, and cradle.
 This picture didn't turn out that well, but this shelving unit next to my closet holds my bins of extra manipulatives that come with my math curriculum. The top shelf has supplies like watercolors, yarn, scissors, cupcake papers, markers, etc. The middle shelf has pattern blocks, sea creatures, polydrons, play money, etc. The bottom shelf holds my DRA2 testing kit, reading center binders, and labels. My makeup bag is shoved in the corner for those little touch ups.
 Here is my new (from my sister) set of bins. I have unifix cubes, 3D shapes, baggies of ABC letters, community crayons, and some other goodies here.
 This is my CAFE board just waiting for strategies to post below. My pencil boxes are waiting for my eager little bodies here too.
 I have framed my inspirational art. I don't remember where I got it - someone pinned it on pinterest and I fell in love!
 This is my weird 2 clock wall. Somebody joked that the bottom clock is on bar time. LOL! Really, the main clocks have a hard time resetting with daylight savings time and never catch up, so the small clock is the "backup" clock. This is where I post a picture of the Student of the month. There's a clear sleeve to slide his/her picture in on the laminated paper. The yellow board is where I'm planning to post my teaching objectives or something else...not really sure yet.
 These are my new doggie bins from the Container Store $2.99 on clearance. I've got homework pouches hanging out here for a while, but soon they will be in manila envelopes and there will be folders in the tubs. I'm still not sure how I'm going to organized this better.
This cabinet holds all of my small loose stuff. Qtips, popsicle sticks, velcro, business cards, etc. The baskets of glue will come down soon. I have a superman piggy bank for when we work with coins and they get left can put them in the bank so they don't get lost.

Ok, that's my room as it is so far. I haven't gotten all the tables cleared off yet, but hey - I'm not officially on the clock yet. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your room turned out great!! Do you teach at a private school?? We aren't allowed to charge for school supplies!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. No, it's a very high poverty public city school. We have a very specific list of things we are allowed to buy. The $25 from each student is all we get for the whole year and since many of the students are refugees it's hard to get payment. It's sad- kids would bring in a baggie of broken crayons before we did the fee. Now some get "scholarships" and everyone gets new supplies or we do payment plans like $2 a month.

  3. Love the shelf of clear containers! I want those!

  4. I love the bookcase underneath your Promethean Board. Where did you get it from? I could certainly use something like that in my tiny classroom that has practically no storage.

  5. I love your bookcase underneath the Promethean Board! Where did you find that? I could certainly use it for more storage in my room.

  6. I love the rug. Where can I get one like that?

  7. I love the rug! Where can I get one?



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