Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did a Bomb Go Off In Here?

The other side of my room has my meeting area/library, word wall, and CAFE board. Above the hearts I put up the sign language alphabet. My new shelf will fit perfectly under the white board.

View of my classroom before I started working. Oh my gosh! Where to start?!!

Today I went into my classroom alone! That means I paid my babysitter to unglue my 10 month old from my knee so I could get some serious work done. As you can see my starting point was a serious mess. I had a ton of curriculum to unpack and sort through since I'm changing grades (from 1st to K) and it was sent from another school. What a zoo to pick through. I'm happy to say that I got all of my math and reading materials put away.

Notice, my bulletin boards above the windows - they're up and ready to go. I have the big ABCs in the middle, colors on the right, and shapes on the left. Those can stay up all year since that bulletin board is so hard to reach - last year it only had the ABC handwriting strip up there.

Now the mess is mostly my personal classroom library. I'm ok with that because I have storage - now that I got my new IKEA shelf. I plan on turning it on it's side and putting my science unit/handwriting book boxes in it. Then I'll put baskets of books on top of it. I'm super excited about it. Then my other IKEA shelf on it's side will hold my classroom library books. I have a vision - you just can't see it quite yet. 

I am proud to say, though after 6 hours in my class I made a huge dent. I inventoried all of the missing pieces of my curriculum and sent a note off to the principal so he can get it for me. I cleaned up my guided reading area, I cleared off my desk, I organized a ton of manipulatives, and I am seriously thinking that I might be ready for school in time. I have 2 more weeks off and start Aug. 29 without kids. So, I have a while to go until I need to be ready. 

Here is what I finished today - notice the lollipop tree on my desk? I had to snag one to keep me going today!

My desk: notice my IKEA sticker sorter (attached with velcro) & my lollipop tree.
This is my Number Corner - it's incomplete, since I'm missing my calendar! Sheesh...minor detail. But I have my supplies ready to go in my IKEA pouch and notice my new blue student mailboxes.
Here is my guided reading table with new seat cushions from IKEA. They mark these chairs as belonging to the reading table - students love to try to snag these for their own and it's not allowed. Now they're clearly marked!


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to get in my room next week and start making it look normal!!

  2. It's crazy moving grades. I can't believe how much stuff I am missing! -My calendar, my workplaces pocket chart - months in school pocket chart, tons of leveled readers (if they were ever ordered), a complete set of alphafriends cards (I'm missing about 1/2) sheesh!


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