Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Weekend of Freedom

Oh boy! It's getting closer to the big day - back to work. I guess that means I should enjoy sleeping in until 7am everyday with my baby boy and napping whenever I want, going to spray parks instead of school, and wearing flip flops every day. At least my best friend is back in town and I get to see her and her 2 kiddos and take my son to his friend's birthday party. Anyhow, after another full day of work in the classroom I have more pics of my room. I rearranged a bit *again* as I'm seriously NEVER completely happy with the flow of my room.

I just hope my 29+ Kindergarten students are happy to call this little room their home away from home. I still have another week to work in my room before kis, so I'll finish clearing off a couple of tables, file some books away that another Kindergarten teacher gave me, hang up table signs, and put name tags on the desks, and label cubbies. 

This is the view standing at the door. You see my 2 big tables (10 students each), the round (4 students) and to the right by the white board there's another rectangle table (6 students). Do you see the little white dots on the floor? Those are my line up spots. They have numbers 1-31 and that's where my little ones will line up. With the tables as is it's quite the funny line. 

At the front door looking to the left are my cubbies and storage shelf. Ignore the big green camping pop up tent that I trapped my crawling baby in on a few work-days. What an eye sore. I'm thinking of running a black fabric curtain to cover it. Oh, time and $....
I don't want to show this pic because it's really ugly, but immediately to the right in my class is my sink, counter with homework trays (filled to the brim with folders, homework bags), mini-fridge, microwave, copy box, and coffee pot. Then there's my Title One aid's reading group table aka my art table, assistant's "desk". I have two black crates on my short filing cabinet that hold abc books all copied and ready to go.    I'm making progress...much of the clutter was trashed before I went home.

 Here is my Kelso the frog problem solving wheel. This is my main classroom management - teach students to handle their small problems themselves using Kelso's tips. Notice I changed the green background to purple. The green was just way too dark. The weird line in the paper is because the top half is a bulletin board, the bottom half is a weird chalkboard with a metal divider. I've got my bag of "Lucky Charms" to send home with my "I'm lucky to have you in class" toppers - thanks 1825 for the inspiration. The ones I'm using someone altered slightly from the link and are so cute. 

This is my Daily 5/CAFE board. I've got the 5 choices up that I'll introduce. Thanks to KindersTastic for the darling signs. My CAFE signs for Kindergarten are freebies here.

Next to the CAFE wall is my Number Corner for Math. I've got my calendar, 100's grid, coins, shapes, positional words, clock, and birthdays up. The blank spot is for my missing pocket chart. Hopefully my district can find it before I have kids. I might go back soon and repaper this wall. The green is just too dark for my liking. Ew!

I moved my desk to the corner of my room here so I can just use my rolly chair for my desk and calendar (eliminating extra furniture is a plus - no need for another chair. I moved my guided reading table in front of my desk. It has a mess to put away...sorry. That's my big treasure box on the window and a tub of big books that I don't know where else to put. Oh, I labeled the floor in front of the calendar with number spots ... nobody gets to crawl under the table for their spot.

If you make your way to the right of my reading table you'll find our daily meeting spot. My student mailboxes on the counter, chart pads, easel, and part of the class library that needs to be labeled.

Finally, my library as it is today. I added the pouches on the white board using Command hooks and put more books there so they are facing out and interesting. 

I always end up done on time and pretty happy with my results, but it takes a while. I'll have a lot of little bodies to squeeze into the room, so hopefully we'll make it work. 

I guess I'm ready to get some curriculum books out and start planning!'s that time!

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  1. LOVE the room! I wish mine was only half as finished as yours!


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