Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Lolllipop Tree for my Sweeties

So I've been blog stalking a bunch of my favorite teachers and when I saw the lollipop tree on Fabulous in First's website I knew I had to make one myself. She explains how it works here. I ran out to get my materials to make my own. I followed the directions from this great tutorial.

Materials needed:
DumDum lollipops (bag of 250) $6.24 at Walmart
Tree base (I upcycled a vase from an edible arrangement)
Red spray paint (I had this from another project)
8" Styrofoam ball (or a substitution as I used...)

I was a little shocked at the sticker price of the materials needed and almost quit this project before I started.  At Joann's craft store styrofoam balls were $14.99 - too much even with my 40% off coupon and teacher discount card, at Michael's they were a dollar less, Walmart had them for $10, but alas that was still too much for me. So I headed off to my local Goodwill. I found a styrofoam wig-model head for $1.99 and was so flipping excited!

Once home, I cleaned the styrofoam and cut the neck off the head and rounded it with a little hacksaw. I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I did a couple of coats or red spray paint on my tree base. So it was nice and dry by the time I got home. Finally I got to work sticking the lollipops in the styrofoam. I found that the foam was so dense that the lollipops I was using started to bend under pressure of me stabbing them in. So, I pulled out a small screwdriver and made the holes with that and then put the lollipops in. This was so much easier. Eventually it was done. I think it looks pretty good. ;-) I plan on going back and putting marker stripes or something on the stems of some of the lollipops so that when they're drawn students get an extra prize out of my treasure box.

Don't you just love how we can borrow ideas from each other and the kids are the ones who benefit? I think it's amazing! Thank you teachers for being such inspirations to me!

My starting materials: Dum Dums, base, styrofoam "ball"

Drilling holes with my screwdriver. I felt a little psycho doing this to the "head," but oh well.

Eventually I made a SWEET mohawk - Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Then I started filling in the blank spots with more candy.

This is the back after  I was done. You can see I ran out of lollipops, boo!!!  It needs about 10 more.

This is the other side - DONE, It has a weird head-shape, but I don't think the kids will care, do you? 


  1. Awesome Idea! The kids will love it! They will not care one bit what shape it is! It's all about the candy!

  2. I made this lollipop tree too. I gave them out to all the kids that came to "Meet the Teacher". I'm a new follower!

    Quench Your First

  3. Is this available ready made in the shops? I will get it using my Discount cards.


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