Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Printable Substitute Report

I have to admit that one of my pet peeves is hearing every detail of what went on (especially with my not-so angelic students) when I am out on a sub day. If I'm out I have already spent a lot of time prepping sub plans and materials, or I'm stressing because I had to call in sick (which I rarely do). So, to make it easy for me to get a quick and dirty run-down of what went on the day I was out - I ask my subs to fill out the Substitute Report at the end of the day and to make notes in the margins of my sub plans. It makes for an easy transition back to work and I am always pleasantly surprised when students are listed as especially helpful. I love being able to give them an extra little reward (sticker or praise) for rising to the top while I was away. I usually print them on fun colored paper and keep them in the back of my lesson plan binder so they're always handy. I attach one to the stapled sub plans I leave. I made this one generic, so you can program in your school/name/grade before you make copies.
Substitute Report


  1. I like your form! It will help eliminate the times when my subs leave NO notes..that's annoying too! Carrie F. uses Drops in a Bucket and really likes it. I've used lower grade ones for kids who can't do the regular homework. I like giving homework Mondays and asking for it back on Mondays. I've tried that since being a parent and appreciating some weekend time to do it if we've been busy. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. I can email you one with your name on it if you want it pretty...just let me know - it's on my computer but to keep the cute font I have to make it a PDF. I hope the Drops in the bucket helps my Ks...it's good to have a dose of it all. With the increasing math standards for K...it should help.


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