Monday, August 1, 2011

Say Hello to Homework!

This year I'm going to try using a new-to-me homework method for my Kindergarten students. I would like to use homework to help reinforce both reading and math skills. I get tons of requests for homework from parents so I like to meet their needs without sending something home that will become a battle of wills between the child and parent. I wanted something easy for me to pull from instead of scrambling to send a worksheet home. I purchased 4 Drops in the Bucket workbooks. Each was about $15, but I've heard they're really good. They have skills that are practiced every week but with different numbers. I purchased the K/1 levels because I wanted to have challenging work for students - just in case I have some high-fliers who can blow through the Kindergarten work. (I'm not paid to plug them FYI - just got a really good recommendation from my sister to try using them). Also, there are 60 lessons per book so I can do one a week in class, and send one home - that way students will know exactly what to do). Each lesson gets progressively harder. 

Here is a sample of the math: It has pictures to cross out or circle. This is good beginning counting/number recognition. Then the next section is patterning. After that it's number sequences - (it's not always the last number either). Then there are pictures to count and match to the number. There are addition and subtraction problems. At the end of each Kindergarten lesson there are 5 sequencing pictures to cut and paste. 

The image below is a sample of the reading homework. The sections are: differences, rhymes, beginning sound, capitals, and trace/copy shape.                                                                        

I plan on sending my students home with a little homework pouch like these that have a glue stick, pencil and pair of scissors in it. That way they'll be able to complete the work with no-excuses. My students are very diverse - so keeping the same format each week for homework will help lower confusion with the language barrier. I might have to play with the copier to shrink down the reading page so I can have it copied back to back with the math page (but I don't want the cut and paste section to cut off any of the reading. I'll see what I can do. I'm thinking of running the math on the back of our school's reading log.

Normally I send home homework Monday and have it returned on Friday, but I might try what my sister does in her third grade class: send homework home Friday and have it returned the following Friday allowing a whole week. 


  1. love the new look. Any room for you tp add a section for "prep work completed"? thats my biggest pet peeve when subs waste that time????

  2. I made u a personalized one...check ur work email! :-)


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