Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Play Nice

It has been a long time since I've had a full class of 30 kiddos. I honestly forgot how hard it is for them to play nicely (and share toys). That's a lot of little bodies to squeeze onto the rug for morning play time/choice time. I have decided that I really need a new system to help make their play time more equitable and friendly. Now that the kiddos are into an enter room - make lunch choice - then go play routine, I want to show them more playing options. This will hopefully spread out the kids so the carpet isn't so crowed, relieve the fighting over the cool toys, and help kids who can't make decisions find something to do besides sit at their desks. It will also help during rainy-day recesses which are often in our classroom.

I was "pinspired" by Caitlin over at Kindergarten Smiles. Her free choice board with dots/clothespins is the inspiration behind mine. I have specific toys in my room so I googled pics of them and added a text box to label them. I'll cut them out and glue to a piece of tagboard like she did and get everybody choosing centers soon. I wish I had a magnetic white board right now because this would be perfect with magnets like I do my lunch count. Stay tuned for pics on how I decide to get the board going.

On another note, tomorrow is my son's 1st bday party. I am sooo excited to spoil him with everything I can possibly give him. We're having a little safari theme with monkey cake pops, a jungle cake, and some fun treats for friends. I have some of his little buddies (and big buddies) coming over tomorrow to celebrate. I love watching him play with other kids. I seriously cherish every moment with my baby boy because he was growing for many years in my heart and now I finally have him. Baby G...I hope you love your party. Love, Mommy

Choice Time


  1. Oh no! I'm sure this new system is because of my little cherub! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (bring you new toys, scare him senseless into sharing - you know, the basics! :)

  2. That is exactly why I created the free choice board as well--spreading out the kids on the carpet and giving them visual options. I am so glad you were 'pinspired' :)



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