Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Game - Making Learning Fun!

At our school we have many different cultures represented, so on holidays like Halloween we can't do traditional parties due to religious reasons. Instead, teachers have to be extra creative to put a non-holiday touch on things. Anyhow, we had a short "fall" party on Halloween and played this fun game. I stole it from my teacher friend Leah's Halloween party and put an *educational* spin on it. Background: our class is studying letter R this week, and the alphafriend character is Reggie Rooster (from Houghton Mifflin).

Here's how to play:
1. While kids are out of the classroom (at lunch/music/PE...whatever) hide 20+ candy corn pieces around the room. 
2. Once students are back in the room draw sticks to choose one boy and one girl to be "roosters." Give each of them a cup.
3. Tell the students that the roosters are hungry and want to find the corn in room. If boys see a candy corn they are to crow the R sound and flap their wings. Their boy rooster will run over and put the candy in his cup. The girls are supposed to do the same thing and their girl rooster (I know this is weird since roosters are male...but that's a technicality) will pick up the corn. 
4. No chickens (non-roosters) are allowed to touch the corn - only the roosters.
5. Let them play and find the corn. 
6. When time is up or you think they found them all make a circle around the carpet and as a class count/and or graph the number of pieces of corn that were found by each team.
7. There are no "winners," just tell students that the team with more corn was the "hungrier" team.

This game was so fun! My kindees were crowing the R sound like crazy and I'm amazed at how many retained the sound when I did my letter test this week. Yay for making learning fun!

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