Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Happenings

Here's what I have planned for December (besides the usual curriculum stuff).

1) Holidays around the world book: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, & Los Posadas
I staple 5 pages of construction paper together to make a book. Then I read a book or two about each holiday. Students color a page of items related to the celebration and write (fill in the blank style) about the holiday (these are pre-glued into their books). Example: ______ is when ______ comes and gives us presents. (Christmas is when Santa comes and gives us presents.) I got the coloring pages from an old Mailbox Magazine or something like that. I don't have them electronically yet. *this works on comprehension of non-fiction text, getting information from pictures, and retelling the story*

2) Thumbprint reindeer art - stamp thumb, add noses, eyes, and antlers with markers.

3) Snowman or Reindeer craft

4) Paper chains to count down to the new year or paper chains to count down to Christmas depending on child's religious views. *this works on fine motor skills, counting, and following directions* :-)

5) Oh, we'll also try to squeeze in a clay project for parents. Fun!! I'll post pics of some of my stuff once I'm back at work.

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