Thursday, January 19, 2012

All About the Sun

For Science I'm supposed to teach about the sun; specifically the Oregon State Standards (2009).

K.1E.1 Gather evidence that the sun warms land, air, and water.
K.2E.1 Identify changes in things seen in the sky.
K.2P.1 Examine the different ways things move.

Here are some of the activities I've done with my class. They are pictorial input charts ala GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) which makes the content (science concepts) comprehensible to English Language Learners. The Kinders are super excited about the topic and are so curious. 

I started out teaching that all living things need sun. Also, that the sun controls the air/temperature.

You could also do this as a time-line showing kids that the sun starts the food chain. 1) Sun helps plants grow (grass) 2) animals eat plants (cow) 3) people eat/drink (people drinking milk/hamburger).

This picture illustrates that the Sun and Earth are in space the perfect distance apart. When one side of the Earth faces the sun it is day while the other side of the Earth has night. It was so cute when a little one who was visibly shocked said,  " are people on Earth who are having night right now!?!" Yes, honey! :-)

After learning about the sun through the charts and a poem about the sun, they brainstormed the ides on this chart. Later during writer's workshop we practiced writing complete sentences using the starts: The sun is ___ or The sun helps ___. It was great! Later on we'll learn more about how the Earth rotates on its axis where the Sun is located in space relative to the planets. 


  1. I LOVE GLAD! And I love all your free-handed drawings! :) Nathan drew a picture yesterday about the sun, I will text it to you!
    Teaching With Style!

  2. I believe When one side of the Earth faces the sun it is day while the other side of the Earth has night Coloring Pages


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