Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've been Awarded! Yahoo!!

Wow! I'm so excited! Edana over at Color Me Kinder has nominated me as one of her fun newly discovered blogs. I'm very grateful that you've taken the time to explore my blog and find something you might use. So here are the "award" rules:

1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them  
    know that they've received an award. 

Here we go with my 7 things: 

1. I never really knew the meaning of LOVE until I had my son a year ago. Being a mommy is my #1 job in the world. 

2.  I am totally addicted to my iphone and all the apps (Pinterest, facetime, Groupon, etc.) I can not get enough - I think I might die from iphone-elbow due to all the use of it.

3. I'm kind of a linguistics nerd - I love learning about language acquisition, sound formation, and all IPA kinds of things. Now reading my blog you'll notice I don't proof read it like crazy or anything and I'm certainly not going to judge others - but my ears sure perk up when I hear wonky linguistics stuff.

4. I don't wear socks - like ever. I think my toes have claustrophobia. My sister teases me that my feet stink - and usually they do because of never wearing socks, but I just c-a-n-'t wear them. Ugh... *shudder*!

5.  I'm a Donorschoose.org junkie! When there's an offer to get stuff for my students for free I'm all over it! I'm so fortunate that there are such generous donors out there! 

6. I'm not afraid of public speaking - in fact I think it's kind of fun.

7. The last one is legend-in-the-making stuff...I found a DEAD mouse in my purse once. Um...can you say I got a SICK cat "gift." I think that was my absolute "lowlight" of 2011. Yah, I was laughing and crying and screaming all at the same time - oh yah, this was at school as I was fishing my keys out of my purse that my hand found all the goodness. Ahhh!!! LOL!

Now, my award passing goes to these lovely bloggers. To each of you, thank you for sharing your ideas and taking time to post your thoughts and work. It makes me feel good to go through the same kind of things (exhaustion, joy, frustration, etc.) as all of you. I have to go chase after my baby boy, so I might be back to add more bloggers (I know I didn't post 15). 


  1. Aww, thanks Laura! And yes, the mouse story was HILARIOUS!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the award...we feel so honored! Hope you're having a happy new year so far!

    :) Daphne & Jennifer
    {Playing with Pixie Dust}

  3. Your very welcome! I love your blog!!


  4. Thank you so much! I am your newest follower and I am loving your blog!
    Barrow's Hodgepodge

  5. thanks so much!! sorry it's taken me so long to say this!
    mrs. tabb =)


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