Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Sorts of Sorts

This week I've added a new routine into our morning. My students are doing a daily word sort to practice reading words. They each get a word-strip (10 words) that are mixed up by rime (for example: -it vs. -ig). They write the rime at the top of their paper, draw a line down the center and then cut, sort, and glue their words down. When they finish sorting, they practice writing the words two times. After they've written words, I have them read them to me or another student "expert." This is their "ticket" to choice time in the morning now. It's kind of a teacher-directed Daily 5 word work activity. I was inspired by Jo Robinson's ideas of how to get low-perfoming schools (like mine) to boost their reading scores. This is an activity that hopefully will help my students close the achievement gap! I've shared some links to printable sorts I've made. I've also purchased All Sorts of Sorts, a book that has some pre-made sorts - it's more appropriate for 1st/2nd grade, but I could use it to differentiate for my high students. It mixes sorts by short vowels and long vowel patterns. If you teach higher grades you might find All Sorts of Sorts 2 or 3 useful.

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  1. What a great idea! Jo didn't talk about morning work in the 3-5 meeting (not that I remember anyway...) I love the idea of having it be a "ticket to choice time". What a great incentive for them to do it right!


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