Friday, February 24, 2012

Spot the Kindergartners!

To celebrate the 101st day of school our class read (or paraphrased) Disney's 101 Dalmatians -it's a long story so I skipped over all the "scary" stuff.  The students were super happy to make headbands to go along with the story. I forgot to take a pic of anyone wearing their puppy ears headband, so I sketched one. It's a fun/easy way to celebrate the 101st day.

To make headbands:

  1. cut long strips of white butcher paper - I didn't measure exactly (maybe about 3-4 inches wide and about 36" long - I just pulled paper off the giant rolls, fan-folded it over and over then cut on the folds. I think construction paper would be too short to wrap around their heads.
  2. trace an ear shape 2 times on paper and photocopy so everyone has a set of ears (on plain white copy paper)
  3. use black scrap construction paper to cut circles out and glue on the ears
  4. glue on ears on sides of headband and write 101 on the front
The original idea for this idea came from my teaching friend Mrs. Soule.  It was my first year doing these and they were such a hit - it might become a Kindergarten tradition! 

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