Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amazing Kids

Sometimes my students shock me with what they are able to retain! Today I got a reminder of how important it is to teach to the ceiling my friends. There is always someone in class taking it in. I've been trying to teach my top readers in class different vowel patterns/rules, and I've been talking to them about letter digraphs. as students were independently writing to tell how they sorted pictures of sea creatures, I overhead one of my sweeties ask my teacher's aide, "Does shark start with a digraph?" He kind of looked clueless, but OMG! She had it spelled "shork" on her paper! I stepped up and praised her and taught her a little about about the r-controlled vowels (as in shark). This is Kindergarten folks - 91% free and reduced lunch, over 80% ELL - and we're talking about digraphs.

Amazing! Amazing! I had to share.

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