Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Drugs! No Way!

This week I've been teaching my kiddos a Health Unit from The Great Body Shop (our adopted health curriculum). Here's a poster we made. We're learning about how drugs can change the way your brain works and can make children sick.  Students have been SUPER engaged in this unit learning about how drugs can make people sick. I think the gross-factor is huge. Any time that you can tell students that something can rot your teeth or hurt your body (see the lungs pic). They get super curious.  Also, with drugs - it hits close to home for many students. It was important to discuss how grown ups can make decisions for themselves because some drugs are legal. There was a parent-letter that went home encouraging families to talk about drugs and personal use (of alcohol or tobacco). I'd never want my parents to think I'm judging them! My students signed a pledge saying that they will say No Drugs! No Way! They were so cute. Here's hoping that this will truly sink in and keep them drug free. By the way - I know I spelled Nicotine wrong - oops. :-) I'm no expert on that..haha!

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