Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kindergarten Roundup

Our school is doing an evening Kindergarten Roundup event. During the event the Kindergarten teachers (that's me!) will have to give a little speech. Many of our parents speak other languages so I added some visuals to our presentation in a powerpoint show. I want to share it with other teachers just in case you want to use it/change it. This is in draft form - you'll have to insert teacher pics on the second slide, and change the information to fit your school's specific needs. I'm also not sure about the Russian translation on the front page - but you could just delete it if it didn't fit the needs of your population. Click Here for the free powerpoint download.

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  1. Your PowerPoint looks great! Will you know the 4th teacher before Roundup? It would be nice for that person to be there, too.


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