Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Art

Celery-stamping Mother's Day Cards
To celebrate Mothers' Day in our Kindergarten class my students did celery stamping art. I trimmed a bunch of celery so the ends were even. Then I put red paint on a paper plate and had students dip the celery in paint and stamp "roses" for their moms on pre-folded construction paper cards. We let the flowers dry and later painted stems and leaves. Eventually students wrote "Happy Mother's Day" on a 2"x9" strip of red paper (in black marker) and glued it to the cover of their card either at the top or bottom. Inside I printed a poem using the font: Print Clearly Dashed for students to trace and glue inside.

It goes:
Mommy, Mommy I love you,
Yes, oh yes, oh yes, I do!
I'm so glad that you are mine,
I will love you all the time.
Love, ____

The cool thing about this project is that the cards turned out really pretty and we were able to integrate science into the lesson. We've been working our plant unit and this was a fun way to incorporate their learning. The students felt so proud of their cards. They all turned out very beautiful.

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