Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting Plants and Animals

In Kindergarten we're gearing up to finish our plant unit and merge it with our final science unit on animals. I love integrating reading, writing and science. In literacy we're studying lots of animals. Lucky us - we even went to the zoo for our field trip this past Friday!

We're learning about how animals move and what baby animals are called through our read-alouds. During Science we just finished learning about the differences between living and non-living things. To tie it all together (plants and animals) we're hitting a Common Core Science Standard: (K.1P.1 Compare and contrast characteristics of living and non-living things. K.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics of plants and animals.) in which the main goal is for students to compare and contrast plants and animals. 

I drew it on a big chart pad. I did it a little different on the big chart than on the worksheet. I put the sentence on the top "Plants and animals both" and then I drew the line with stems "can" and "need." I did it more like how I did this post on the sun 

Then I printed this page of sentence stems for students to fill in the blanks. I plan on using the graphic organizer to have students help generate sentences. The two boxes Plants: and Animals on the worksheet below: are for a quick word/illustration to help them focus on a specific plant and animal. You'll notice that I gave them a pre-made topic sentence. I think this level of scaffolding is necessary for Kinders! To finish, I typed up the following page using print-dashed (free tracer font) so students could "write" their own report as a final project. I hope that makes sense.

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