Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scientific Inquiry in Kindergarten

I'm right in the middle of my physical science unit on plants. I teach science using GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design). It makes challenging content really comprehensible...(have I mentioned that there are 14 different languages spoken in my Kindergarten class?). The plant of focus is the sunflower. However we are making tons of observations and doing research using a variety of plants to learn how they work. 

To kick off the unit I prepared "Science Folders" for each child. I put together a poetry book that is a freebie. You can download it by clicking on the link. Then I printed plant observation logs - grab that freebie here. Next up, I printed up plenty of worksheets to use during the unit.

We dyed water with red and blue food coloring and put white daisies in the water. Overnight the dye went up the stem and tinted the petals with some color. It didn't dye them bright, but you could see a couple of spots of color. The kids were so excited to see the results. We did this for background research before doing it with celery stems. Our next class project is to write up an inquiry project together. (see below).  

Here are the standards we are working on. 

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