Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Happens in Vegas...(the non-educational part)

First, I want to say sorry Top Teachers - I was dancing the night away in the Bourbon Room and didn't make it to the blogger meet-up. If you're a 30-something like me, you'd probably love this dance floor. I think the highlight of my Vegas trip (after hours of course) was dancing to an old-school New Kids on the Block song while watching the video on that big screen. And yes, that man is wearing a wolf hat and tight zebra pants. He was the club DJ and totally called us out as we walked by..."HEY TEACHERS...COME ON IN!" How did he know? Oh, and I forgot to mention that we bumped into someone famous. I'm 99% sure it was Rod Stewart. Cool, huh?!

 Here is my Kindergarten team. I'm in the middle. The I Teach K! conference was a super way for us to bond.

Out and about I found this gorilla in Paris and I just had to mimic it. Why do people do that? It's like there's an urge to do it. I sat by and did some people-watching and it was so funny seeing everyone pose.

Ok, I did more than just have fun with my friends in Vegas. I just don't want to dig through my suitcase to find my SDE conference notes. I'll do that later. Anyhow, happy weekend!

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