Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5-Day Lesson Plan Template

When I write up lesson plans I love being able to see my whole week at a glance. I've tried writing up more thorough plans that are day by day, but it didn't ever work for me. At school we're usually given a separate checklist of our standards for our grade and as we teach them, we date-mark when we hit the standard.

My small group reading plans are on a different form in another binder.

Here is my lesson plan outline in Excel. The pale gray lines won't print. I don't use these to type in, rather I print them and then write my plans in pencil. My lesson plans are like a vertical list,  going down the page rather than across. In my mind it works sort of like a checklist.

If you want to pick up a copy of these, click HERE.


  1. I would love to have a copy of these! I clicked it and it said there was an error!

    Can you help me?

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I emailed you. The link works for me so I sent you it as an attachment. If anyone else has trouble downloading these please leave your email and I'll send it to you.

  3. Hi Laura,
    I would love a copy of the lesson plan, but when I try tried to open it says error. My email is Jessica.mcconnell@jefferson.kyschools.us
    Thanks for any help!

  4. I emailed you Jessica. I fixed the link I think. Let me know if it's still not working. I think that if I rearrange my docs in my dropbox folders it messes up the links. Sorry, I'm still learning. And I'm not that good at using google docs.

  5. How do you copy and paste each week into excel without having to re-format each week? Thanks :)

  6. Hi: )

    I love your lesson plan format!! How do you copy and paste a into another "sheet" without having to re-format? I tried creating a new sheet, but it didn't copy and paste the widths or formulas?

    Thanks!! :)

  7. If you're trying to copy and paste this into a new document it doesn't keep the cell height or widths exactly. I would recommend pasting it into a new document then under Format >Row > AutoFit, and then Format >Column>Autofit. It makes it pretty close. Then between the A/B/C etc. at the top shrink the column widths or enlarge to make them fit your needs. I hope that helps Joni! :-)

    1. Laura,

      Awwh! Thanks for the help. I'll keep working at it. I was trying to use your template to create a lesson plan book that I could save in google documents that I could access anywhere, b/c I *LOVE* your template. I have to mentally check things off myself each day and the horizontal lesson plan books do not work for me. I thought it would be cool to create a new "tab" each week to have an electronic copy of all my lesson planning. I'll keep playing with it. If you think of anything, feel free to email me: joniliverman@gmail.com Thanks again! :)

  8. I can't get it to download either. My email is smarsh@ecsdnv.net Thank you!

  9. I can't get the plans to download either for your lesson format. Would you mind sending it to my email? Thanks!

  10. I can't get it to download either. My email is smarsh@ecsdnv.net Thank you!

  11. My email is tldullen@gmail.com. Can you please send me the link as well? This looks like it will be exactly what I need!

  12. My email is tldullen@gmail.com. Can you send me the link for these? It looks like it will be perfect for what I need!


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