Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ahh! First Day Jitters are Done!

Today is just a quick post to say, Ahhh! I made it through my first day! I'll leave you with some highlights from my day:

  • The kids were sweet, they spoke WAY more English than I'm used to. They even got some of my jokes and a cutie even made a joke! I love these kids already. 
  • I taught my first ELD lesson - day 1: using the sentence frames - "Hello. What is your name?" "My name is __." and "What grade are you in?" "I'm in Kindergarten." Oh, boy - speaking in complete sentences will be a challenge for these friends, but we're starting off already!
  • I was asked by the same little friend probably 30 times if it was time to go home. He wasn't quite used to the whole "school" thing. But he survived.
  • I got cookies from a co-worker! YUM!
  • My son said, "Bye mom!" as I left him with the nanny in the morning - it made for a happy departure from home - not a tear-jerker like I was expecting.
  • My crafts turned out super cute, and I WAY over planned some writing/literacy lessons- so I'll have some things already prepped for next week.
  • Nobody got lost going home.
  • One of my kids *almost* knows all the abcs (uppercase!) - this is a major shocker. I usually expect 5 letters (that's the average-ish) start that my kiddos usually begin with.
  • Some of my kids could write their names! I'm excited about this - like SUPER excited because this too is pretty rare!
  • I had no criers!
  • The kids met the Mayor of Portland and were super cute for the photo-op, especially it being the first 30 minutes into their first day of school.
  • I got all of my assessments done! Yahoo!
  • I was supported by a teacher's aide almost all day after planning on being on my own - so this was a great surprise and joy for me!
I can't wait to start tomorrow with my next 1/4 of the class. If you don't know - my district does what we call gradual entry so for 4 days 1/4 of the class comes per day. The small group allows for 1-1 testing for letters, numbers, counting, etc. Also, it provides less anxiety for the kids to meet me in a small group and tour the school, practice routines like lining up, and all that.

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