Saturday, September 1, 2012

Class Tour: Part 2 - Picture Overload! :)

Well, summer vacation is at an end and I've been back to school for just a week. Many of my blogging friends have been in session for a while, but I've still yet to meet my new group of Kinders. I'll have 25 of them this year - down quite a bit from last year's overflowing class of 33. My prayers were answered and they added another teacher so there will be 4 sections of K this year. I'm almost ready to go - so brace yourself for some pictures. 

First of all, my room is at the end of the hall. The main hall - the hall that everyone walks down and can see first. So the pressure is always on to have a cute bulletin board. I did the scrunchy butcher paper border and crafted a big monkey. I used some pre-made little monkeys a team mate had, and paired them with bananas that I had. It's kind of plain, but I like it. 

Close up of the monkey I crafted from construction paper.

This is the coloring page I'll be using for the first day.

 I plan on reading The Kissing Hand in the afternoon and doing some activities with the book.

The Chester Puppet can be downloaded here. If the link stops working - please contact me!
I pre-cut the head and tail of the Chester "puppet" so my kinders can focus on coloring. I'm not sure I want to do scissors on the first day.
Finished product. I'll help kids fill in the blanks.

This is a worksheet we'll complete - it's from the Big Book of Skill Builders. (I LOVE this resource)

Here is a second activity page we'll work on.

I made this oversized (11X17) worksheet for my students to fill out and color. The scalloped box is from Michelle at the 3am Teacher. 

A book my friend gave me to read aloud.

 I'll be doing some other centers too: playdoh on laminated construction paper mats and/or abc mats that I bought on Teacher's Notebook from 1plus1plus1equals1.

I'll also be doing this little craft with my students to hang up for open house. I credit Deanna Jump with the torn paper hair, my teammates (team O.K) with the t-shirt template, and the common core standards for making me focus on beginning sounds the first day of school.

Now, on to the classroom tour that I'm excited to share. #1 because I toned things down a lot, and #2 because I'm excited to be done!

View from my door (looking in to the left of my room)
View of the choice time board.
Cubbies and my new curtains (shower curtain that I hemmed).
View to the right from my door/My guided reading table
My book storage for guided reading (labels courtesy of Miss Kindergarten)

View from my door to the right (sink/counters/teacher desk).

Student mailboxes, supply storage, birthday wall
Table groups

More table groups (blank board for Alphafriend cards).

Inside recess bins (not labeled yet), rack/tubs from IKEA.

Calendar for Bridges in Mathematics

More table groups 

Carpet area

Classroom library/word wall

Teacher desk with a curtain I velcroed in place

View from the carpet area

View from the other angle. Notice the number spots for lining up on my floor. 

I don't know what to put up on my boards yet.

Uppercase alphabet

Math work station choice board, dismissal clipboards, bus signs

Kelso Wheel - for problem solving behaviors

My new curtains - I sewed them and hung a rod. :-)
 Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear what you think about my set-up.


  1. Sooo cute! I love how it is simple and doesn't look too busy. Your solid color (all one color) buckets from Ikea look great! Love the curtains and the black bulletin boards. I can't stand it when you walk into a classroom and it is so busy that you can't even talk to the person you went in there for because you are so busy trying to look at everything. Yours is very streamlined! LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I worked really hard to tone things down this year so it's not so busy. I hope the kids like it.

  3. Your room looks great!! Where did you get the shelves under and by your word wall with the blue bins???


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