Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

The Grade K Workbook
Here in Oregon, Kinder teachers have been working hard at implementing the Kindergarten Common Core standards. This new book is full of activities and cute picture cards (they look like they were designed by a KG teacher, not a textbook company) that you can use throughout the day. They have a free sample that you can download too! Check out the free sample for yourself by clicking HERE!

Next week in my class we're going to do a pictorial input chart that helps children label the parts of a book. We're also going to work on our math skills - counting objects, recognizing 2D shapes, and gaining number sense.

I'm hoping to use this book to enhance my teaching and to help my students reach every standard.

P.S. Bloggers - if you go here: you can get this book free in a giveaway!

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