Friday, December 28, 2012

Tacky the Penguin

Tacky the Penguin Art

After reading the book Tacky the Penguin - my class loves making their own paper "art" version of Tacky. I trace the body on black construction paper for the kids. I also trace or copy the stomach shape on white paper, and a triangle beak on orange paper. Then using fabric scraps that are about 2"x3"approx. I have kids choose scraps to make their shirts. Kids LOVE how silly Tacky is and  how beautifully their penguins come together. We use googly eyes to make the penguins come to life. This is a perfect read aloud story and art project for January. My co-workers have been doing this read aloud and art project for years. I'm so happy that they have shared the idea with me. Thanks Sarah and Whitney! 

If you're looking to expand your Tacky unit, check out Leslie's Tacky Unit on TPT for literacy rich ideas.

This is the Tacky book that I like to read before doing this craft: