Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake!

It's almost February so that makes me start thinking about all of the celebrations that are coming up! One of the celebrations we will recognize will be Chinese New Year. This year is the YEAR OF THE SNAKE! Chinese New Year starts on Feb. 10th. To honor this tradition in my diverse class I plan to read aloud a book to my class like this one: My Chinese New Year. This book is in my personal collection and it's a great non-fiction book with lots of real pictures. I'm not sure if this series is still around, but you could substitute it with any other read aloud that you like that fits the theme. There might be more current books around, but I haven't checked out the bookstores lately.

Great Read Aloud

There are some great coloring sheets at this link.

I created an easy to make craft for my kids. It's simple cutting and gluing. I copied the format for the pattern from First School. They have 2 super cute lantern freebies - but I really wanted a "snake" one for this year so I made my own. I also know my kids cut through everything so my guide lines are a bit easier for my kids to know where to stop.

Here's how to make the lantern:
1) color the snake and letters
2) fold the snake on the dotted line (from tongue to tail) - now the paper should be a long hotdog paper with the dashed lines on top
3) then cut on the dashed lines (from the snake body to the stop signs) - this will also cut through the letters because the paper is folded
4) apply glue on the entire gray shaded area and curl the lantern around, then glue closed
5) using scrap paper or paper you pre-cut to size staple or glue on an extra strip of paper to the top for a handle.

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