Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break News

I'm finally on Spring Break. Yesss.... *sigh*! I really love my kids this year, but what makes this break really special is that I finally get some downtime to play with my own child and to relax. It's so fun watching him play and learn. Over the past few days he's learned how to recite the ABC song and is doing such smart stuff all the time. We took my little one out to our first movie as a family (saw Croods). It was actually pretty hilarious and not too scary for the little one. He loves animals and dinosaurs, so it was right up his alley. To top things off, last week I finished my final class for my MASTERS! Can you believe that? I'm finally done - out of graduate school. It's been a long time coming - I started slowly in 2006, taking one class a term at night. What a weight off my shoulders!

Anyhow, I've been working hard at getting my TPT store up and running. I created an easy writing page for my students to do after we get back from spring break. 

If you want to grab it for FREE head on over there! 

I'm also working on putting up some emergent readers. These take me a while to make because I buy the clipart legally, buy the fonts, and do test prints so I know they come out clear. With that said, I am charging a small fee for them. If you're searching for freebies, check out my BLOG because it's got a lot of them.

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