Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Classroom Helper Badges

Are you looking for ways to help manage your class during centers? 
Do you wish your students would clean up after themselves? 
Are you tired of reminding children where to get a pencil 
*Even after over 100 days of school!*
Well, I am! I love routines, structure, and I'm ready to share my solution with you.

Student Helper Badges

Print these badges, laminate them, and then string them on a piece of ribbon or yarn. You can assign jobs as needed to your class so that THEY are taking responsibility for cleaning up after themselves and becoming leaders. I know that some classes don't need such intensive help, but I have one table group of special friends that need this! Bad! They don't seem to notice that they make confetti with their cutting and that the floor is covered in scraps. I still *sigh* have friends that don't remember where we get sharpened pencils. I plan on training my kids on how to have specific "jobs" and hopefully they will become better leaders and manage the classroom during centers better.

If you like these badges you can grab them in my TPT store. They come in 2 cute designs! Black and white polka dots and hot-pink/black zebra. 

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