Saturday, June 8, 2013

It was Wonderful & Marvelous

 I was so lucky to win an author visit with my friend and singer/author Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach. It was, in her beautiful singing words, "wonderful, marvelous..." and so much more.

I set up my document camera, speakers, and laptop so that I could Skype with Debbie for a 45 minute "assembly." We had a great time.
Let me tell you how things started out. About 75 kindergarten kids packed my room. My laptop (it was connected to my document camera) was set up on a stool facing the kids on the carpet and beyond so she could see their sweet faces. Then I called her on Skype. After a second of ringing - our screen lit up with her charming sweet face.

I was so excited that she knew how to talk to my students in silly voices, how to meet their ELL needs by using appropriate vocabulary, and how to keep them engaged, moving, singing, and dancing for such a long time. The pessimistic voice in my brain kept telling me that I'm going to have a mess to fix if she doesn't do a good job. But, phew....she blew it out of the water --- hit it out of the ball park --- made a touchdown --- whatever you want to call it --- she amazed me and every person in the room with her vibrance and love for children that came through.

She started talking about being an author and illustrator (thankfully my students had those terms nailed)...and she showed the students her fun books. Then she taught them some sign language motions and songs. She sang, the kids and teachers sang, and had a bundle of fun. We were even hitting Common Core Standards (teacher WHOOP!).

 Students participated in her silly songs that included lots of funny faces and motions. We had a blast as you can see!

I wish you could see how magical it was to spend our afternoon with Debbie. If you want to grab her beautiful songs check them out in her TPT store! :)

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  1. Wow! That is so awesome that you were able to do that!
    On a different do you put borders around your photos on your blog? It really makes them pop!


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