Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Currently

Happy 4th of July!

I'm chillaxing at home - played in the kiddie pool all afternoon. Munched on some yummy blueberries (as part of dinner)...they were my favorite part! Now I'm trying to keep this lil' blog going. I've linked up with the super funny friend Farley over at "Oh Boy 4th Grade!" for her June Currently. Here's a little update of what's going on at the start of this month.

Listening: I'm listening to something that popped up on my iTunes - something great my husband put on there. I've never heard of A.J Croce in my life - but this mellow guitar strumming is pretty awesome. I have no clue if it's old-school like the Beatles or new ... I think I'll have to google him later. I'm also thinking it is reminding me of my college days - going to Elliot Smith concerts - and kinda giving me the urge to crack open a bottle of something stronger than lemonade. UPDATE: hubby just told me he is a newer artist - son of someone famous.

Loving: Mmm...ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR! Where has this program been all my life? Seriously...I love to draw/doodle - whatever you call it. It is so fun to make cute little pictures. I have to learn so much to use this professional drawing program but it's a hobby that I can put to good use. I've been selling clipart sets and this program makes vector art (meaning it's not pixel based and doesn't get blurry when it's stretched). Here's a sample of a little crayon I made.

Thinking: I live in Oregon. It's supposed to be gray, cloudy and rainy here. Not super sunny and HOT. And HUMID! Ugh. The past few days have been 98-100 degrees or so. Last year I wanted to put in an A/C unit - but they told me I'd need a WHOLE new heating system (like over $15,000) and that's just too much $$ for the few hot days here. So I've been heading to the kiddie pools - hoping there's enough chlorine to kill all the little yellow germs from getting me. *YES* I am so desperate to cool off - I put my whole body in the same water where the little toddlers splash and play. Hey, it's better than going to the Willamette River. I did that once with a beautiful french manicure (acrylics) and when I came out - my nails had dissolved...true story. The river literally ate my fake nails off and turned them into blobs of  brown dirty jelly. Um...I'm never going back in that river! Sick! *I think I got side-tracked --- I was trying to say - It's too dang hot!

Wanting: Hmm...I want someone to clean my house. I pretty much hate doing that. I have a million things to always pick up. My son's memory game that becomes 100 card pick-up, train tracks, etc...there are millions of toddler toys - EVERYWHERE. I'm at the point where I've bagged up stuff and when it cools off a bit - we're having a garage sale. I can't handle SO-MUCH-STUFF! Oh yes...I also want to be healthier - I need to get my cubby buns off the chair and move. That's my goal. But sometimes Judge Judy just calls my name. And working on my TPT store keeps me busy - and by the time my hubby gets home I'm too tired to go out and do anything. I'm not exactly the outdoorsy type - I don't like hiking or things like that. I do like staying cool in A/C places. I've got to figure something out. Seriously!

Needing: Ok, this is a little personal, but I had this ugly mole on my back. I've had it for years and years. It's fine - maybe a birth mark of sorts, but it finally go so annoying that I had to do something. My mom teased me that it looked like a nipple on my back. Nobody wants that. So finally I went to the derm and I finally got it sliced off. Yes! Yes! Yes! So now it's in the healing stage and I can't reach it and I really need hubby to change my band-aid. Hey, he vowed "in sickness and in health..." haha...

Blogger tips and tricks: If you're like me you like things that look cute - in real life like clothes, cars, make-up...etc. Same goes for blogs and TPT products. I like things that are visually pleasing - trendy and cute. If things look like my granny made it back in the 50s when she was teaching - I'm not interested. If you use fonts like Comic Sans and Times New Roman you're driving customers away because those things are so old-school. Stay modern and hip. That's my advice. 

Now, I guess I better go and get ready for the fireworks. TTL! 

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  1. So A.J. Croce must be the son of Jim Croce? I'll have to check him out! So gross about your nails! Glad it that river didn't do anything worse...scary! It's been hot here in NH too! In the high 90's and sooo humid! I hate it but luckily I have AC...but it makes me want to stay inside (which I do all winter) so that's not fun! I'm heading to the lake with friend tomorrow for some relief. I hope you're staying cool! :o)

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