Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Bulletin Board

I'm so happy with how my bulletin board turned out. It was a major pinterest fail earlier this week. All of our bulletin boards are painted to save us from using paper on the background - so it's painted a sky blue color. I started this board by stapling the crinkle border the the outermost edge (putting the staple as close to the outside edge as possible. Then I wiggled the green pieces inside and secured them with staples, last I added the pink and white dot border. This took a long time to do - no kidding, phew! I love the way it looks and I can leave it up for a while so I'm happy I invested the time. To make the jumbo cupcake I fan-folded the yellow paper base to give it texture - then I unfolded and popped out all the creases to make them pop outwards. Then I started folding tissue paper in 1/4s and then kind of did a "staple, poof, staple. The bottom blue part of the cupcake is lengthwise- 2 sheets. And it actually is double thick. I did the same thing for the green and other colors. I think the from the pink on up it's just one sheet long. I made a cherry by balling up red tissue paper and twisting a sparkly green chenille stem and stapling those up. My mini-cupcakes will have student pictures and names on them once school starts. I hope you like it!


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