Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift

I'm getting ready to go back to school - well in a couple of weeks. So the pressure is on to get all the "fun" stuff ready now so that when I'm back in the trenches I can have my nose buried deep in the new curriculum we're using this year.

I know that my co-workers love treats just like I do. So I made these cute little jars full of M&M's with a fun tag on them. I printed my tags on glossy paper from Office Max. Then I cut them out and used double-sided tape to stick them to the lids. I think they're cute and I know that I would LOVE getting a gift like this.

$4.97 for 4 jars (Walmart)
$1.42 for the tags (Office Max - I printed 8 just in case I want to make more)
$0 for the candy (My mom had a giant bag from Costco and offered to fill these up as I started making them)
Total: 6.39 which = when divided by 4 = about $1.60 per gift. Not too bad!

You can CLICK HERE to grab the tags.


  1. So I love this idea and am stealing it for the office secretaries! =) Love how you made it look sparkly!
    ~ Nicole


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