Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exhausted & Positive Start

I can barely hold my eyes open to write this. But I wanted to share that I'm keeping my head above water this year. We're getting all new curriculum and have been swamped with trainings and PD. This year our school kicked off the year with a "vision" meeting. As skeptical as I was, I did take something out of it. I have decided to make myself have a POSITIVE attitude. When I'm frustrated that it's the 11th hour and I still don't have a schedule - I reflect that I'm thankful to have a job. When my class size is bursting at the seams (28/29 kindergarteners) - I'm thinking of the sweet ones that I'll get to influence and shape. When I'm sweating up a storm in my non-A/C building, I'm thankful that I remembered my deodorant.

Sometimes teaching can feel like swimming upstream and the obstacles are overwhelming if you let them become that way. This year I'm making a concentrated effort to see the POSITIVE side of things. That's my vision for the year!


  1. You CAN do it! Positive is a great word....think of Wilbur and "Chin Up"

    Chickadee Jubilee


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