Sunday, September 29, 2013

Traceable Calendar Art

Here's a little project that my team and I have been doing for numerous years. At the start of each month we prepare a monthly calendars & art projects.

This is an example of one we do for October: First, we prepare for the project by printing a class set of monthly traceable calendars and gluing them to the bottom half of a 12 x18 piece of construction paper (I use rubber cement and plop a big "x" of glue on the back and stick them on. Make sure this step is done ahead of time so the traceable calendar isn't soggy.   I like to make my own calendars so they have fun seasonal clipart around the edges. Then I have students trace the numbers. This is great monthly practice for kindergarteners. I model how to do the whole art project (top portion) at the beginning so as students finish they can move on to the next steps at their own pace. I prepare simple construction paper shapes or something that goes at the top and students can decorate the top as they wish. Many of my students do not celebrate Halloween, but they are ok with pumpkins so I might show them that they can do pumpkins with or without faces. I also use this time to practice 2d shapes and basic counting. I might say, "Find your 3 green rectangles,  draw one oval pumpkin and one circle pumpkin, make one square pumpkin." We practice geometry, counting, and following directions during this time. It's not included in the picture below, but you can weave raffia through and around the pumpkin stems on this project to add texture.

Click HERE to go to Google Docs to grab Oct, Nov, and December calendars (I have NOT made Jan-June yet). Sometime later I'll post those.

You can basically add any art/craft on the top portion of the calendar. My families love these and kids love making them.

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