Sunday, January 19, 2014

Colorful Frame Freebie

Are you looking to for some fun frames. Check out my latest freebie on TPT!
If you like these - hop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and download them. 
Don't forget to leave me some feedback. I will keep on sharing fun freebies as long as people don't hate-on my freebies. If you don't like it - don't download it. :) Haha...I don't have thick skin yet so be nice! 
Lots of love! L.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gumball Teens Freebie

Here is a new game! Yay! My students are going to be so happy!

I've noticed that my students are getting bored of the math centers - so it's time for a re-vamp. I made this fun game for them to play during my math-stations time. They will use transparent counters "gumballs" to count out the numbers from the game cards. My students have mastered their numbers 1-10 for the most part so this game is not exactly for focuses on teen numbers. If you don't have transparent counters you could laminate the gumball machines and use playdoh, pom-poms, or paper circles as counters.

Please note that this game has 6 color-coded sets (I always make individual games so 6 players can play at a time). Each gumball machine and set of playing cards have matching background colors. I sort the games by color and store each one in a gallon sized baggie with counters.

I don't plan on making any changes to this game unless there is an error. I hope you and your students can enjoy this!

**Printing tip**

Due to the layers of graphics and backgorunds - you might need to print this game as an image when opening with Adobe Reader. To do this:
1) open document with Adobe Reader
2) click on the Advanced button
3) click the Print as Image tiny little square button - say OK
4) proceed with printing.

This item is covered by the digital millennium copyright act - do not copy or repost on other sites. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stitched Frame Freebie

I've started off the new year with lots of tears and heartache. If you follow my blog you'll know that I usually stick to school things and store things - but this past week has been super hard. It has been the hardest start to the new year I've ever been through.

First, just days after Christmas - my father-in-law passed away suddenly. He had a heart attack and left us all in the blink of an eye. A few days later as my mind was swirling with this - I got news that my grandmother was ill. In just a few short days she passed away. In a matter of one week Heaven got two angels. I feel blessed to have known and spent time with these family members while they were here. My husband is the wonderful, patient man he is today because of his dad. He learned to be calm, quiet, and peaceful just like his dad. My step-dad's mom was truly an angel. She never spoke an unkind word about anyone. She was the type of person that you wished you could be - polite, Christian, patient, and gracious. As rough as this week has been, I have never felt closer to my husband. These tragedies have pushed us together to rely on one another more than ever. I have said lots of prayers and have thanked the lord for giving me time with them.

Normally I don't make new-year's resolutions, but my goal this year is to cherish each day. I think that recognizing the special things that happen each day will make me realize how amazing God is and help me realize that I am blessed with everything I'll ever need. Anything that comes my way beyond that is bonus.

I've found myself being restless, and having sleepless nights where I find myself staring blankly at the computer - getting lost online with my online group of bloggers and picking up my stylus and doodling. I've been focused on drawing in a way that has been therapeutic this last week. I know that everyone has hobbies that help take their mind off things - my husband has found peace going on long runs, and I've started drawing.

As a product of my mindless wandering I drew up a set of frames that I hope you friends out there on the web can use.

Just click on the pictures to download these. 

The first set of frames have a stitched line inside them.

The second set of frames have plain centers and a solid outline.

If you use these frames in a product that you sell - please credit me by using my blog button or linking up to my TPT store. Thanks!

In closing, I bid you to hold your dear ones tight - go visit the family members that you sometimes put off and tell the ones you love that you love them. I know that my loved ones know my love for them - and I hope that they are rejoicing in Heaven. Thanks for reading!