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Welcome February! I'm excited to be linking up with Farley over at O'Boy Fourth Grade for a little "what's up." You should hop on over and see what all your favorite bloggers are working on lately.

Here's a little bit about me.
Listening: I signed up my little tot for gymnastics and he's loving it. It's so funny to watch him try to do a somersault and walk on the balance beam. I love that he is having fun. He was the only boy in a class of about 6 girls and he didn't even notice. There are other boys in the class normally - but they were all gone today. The teacher in me loves that they warm up doing all sorts of activities that cross the mid-line. I love that he is learning to balance and follow directions, walking in line, take turns, and challenge himself in a fun way. Now that class is done he has to re-fuel with some goldfish crackers! munch - munch - munch!  

Loving: My co-workers are just so dang fun and funny. After working in the same place for 10 years the relationships I have with my girls are great. They laugh at my jokes (this is really important), they're there when I need to complain about things (like how my husband tried to make chocolate milk with a hot cocoa packet instead of syrup). And they are always sharing the burden of planning what we teach for the upcoming week. We're finally getting ahead in our new curriculum thank goodness.

Thinking: Ok...imagine a piece of pre-shredded cheese or a 100th of a slice of olive...that shouldn't clog your sink hole should it. Well now you see why I HATE my sink. Anything larger than a drop of water clogs that sucker up and puts me into fits. I don't have a garbage disposal and my 2 sided sink has food stopping grates built in with teeny tiny holes. Ugh...I get so grossed out by anything that stops up a sink and I'm about to machine gun my sink into bits ... if only I had a machine gun. Ok, not really - but I would like a new sink - and countertops. So now I just need to figure out when I want to do this DIY project (or when I want to fork over some $ to have it done for me). Soon would be good!

Wanting: So I have a dilema and want to know what you'd do. I've been squirreling away some cash for the last year and have finally saved up enough to do something "big." I've been dreaming about a tropical trip to Hawaii or  an all inclusive Mexican vacation. I've been to both but my husband hasn't - and we both think some time away together - just the two of us would be good to reconnect and relax. Where do I go? Mexico is way cheaper - but I cringe and start to worry about the drug cartels and don't want something scary to happen - Hawaii seems much safer - but more expensive. And lastly, I think - well I'm being too self-indulgent blowing my money on a vacation when I desperately need to get my eyes fixed. My prescription says -8.00... and I think it's getting worse - I'm squinting at the TV guide that rolls over the screen...I'm enlarging the text on the computer - bad news for me I'm sure. My prescription means I can't see my hands when they are about 2 feet in front of my face.  I really want laser eye surgery and think this would be the "grown up" thing to splurge on. But it's not "fun!" but it would last a lot longer. Now do you see my dilemma...what should I do?

Needing: I need to put clothes on my child...well seasonal clothes. In Oregon the winter months don't last too long and my little guy needs some short sleeved shirts. I need some new shirts and shoes. I really think a trip to Old Navy is in store soon. 

2 Truths & a Fib: Have you figured out what I'm lying about? 
Did I stop coloring my hair?
Did I cut back on Starbucks?
Or am I crazy enough to really wear flip flops in January?

Well, the truth is that the Starbucks near my work WENT OUT OF BUSINESS...yes...poor me! Cry me a river. I've sadly had to cut back on my coffee intake. I was a loyal shopper. I went there every week (or more). And now I have to drive like 2 whole blocks away to the *other* Starbucks... the drive through one where I can't say high to my Russian old-man friend as he does his Bible study with his group of buddies (true story). Waah! Last time I went to Starbucks it took 23 minutes! 23 minutes to get my coffee...really?! So that is a truth. I cut back on Starbucks. 

And next up...flip flops. Yes I wear them all year round. It's like 50 some degrees here today and that's warm enough for me. Inside I have the thermostat set to 72 so I'm warm and toasty. And plus - my feet pretty much never get cold. Ask my nickname might be "polar bear."

So the LIE is - I did NOT stop coloring my hair...hahaha...I have so much gray that I could use a whole octopus worth of ink to cover it up. Do they really make ink? Or is that just in cartoons...I need to do some research. Anyways...I color my hair about every 2 weeks because 1) my hair grows pretty fast & 2) my hair is naturally dark brown -almost black. My students say it's black - but the box says dark brown. So it's dark brown. I don't think I'll every quit coloring my hair. 

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  1. That is a tough choice! I would say pick the laser eye surgery and then take a small weekend trip that won't cost too much. Best of both worlds! I feel your pain on the Starbucks! There isn't one near my work, just a Dunkin Donuts. Not the same in my book!

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