Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lucky Charms Graph

Every year I do the Lucky Charms graph using scoops of cereal. I have my kids sort the marshmallows directly into columns, graph them by coloring in the little spots in each column, and answer a few questions about their marshmallows. Then they get to eat them. 

This year I re-did all of my hand-drawn graphs and made a more modern version. 
You can grab this freebie by clicking HERE.
The cute borders are from my friend Mel at Graphics from the Pond in her Edge It Set 4 on TPT.  I use her borders for everything. I drew the marshmallow images.

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  1. Adorable - it's super cute!!! I always get the strangest boxes of Lucky Charms each year; the marshmallows are never the same, never matching my graph. That's how I ended up here on your page ... looking for something to match the odd Lucky Charms I got this year. No luck, but I do really like the graph and your work. :)


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