Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear First Grade Teacher

There are only 2 more days of school with students. I'm planning our final activities for our class and wrapping up the year.  I always like to end the year by having the kindergarten students write a letter to their first grade teacher (they won't know exactly who their teacher is until the fall). I pass on the letters to the teachers so they have a little work-sample of each child's writing/personality. A lot comes across in one page of writing. Extra thanks for the cute clipart kids to Creative Clips. The font is one of my favorites called KG Primary Penmanship. The page border is from Graphics from the Pond.

When we write the letters I usually have the students start by saying: "Dear First Grade Teacher, My name is ___. I am ___ years old." Then I tell my students to tell their teacher something else about them. They can tell them what subject they like, what language they speak, or what they want to learn. The first grade teachers look forward to these letters every year. I hope you can do them with your kinders!

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