Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Silhouette "Wet Method" with Pictures

So, I'm back to talk to you about using my Silhouette Cameo and the "wet method" of applying vinyl.  I've been making personalized cups for people - myself, my brother, and my family. As a beginner I was getting frustrated with the little air bubbles that appeared under the vinyl even after scraping it down. Ugh! So annoying!!! So I watched some youtube videos & learned how to do apply vinyl in a new and much improved way! In this tutorial you will see step by step how I put a name on a water bottle. 

First: Cut your vinyl and weed it (pull out all the surrounding area and the insides of letters). 
Leave it on the backing paper.

 Put a piece of contact paper or transfer tape over the top and rub it down so the letters stick to the contact paper (my contact paper is Con-Tact brand from Target). I find that it works on 651 (permanent vinyl) but it isn't strong enough to pick up glittery vinyl.

Next, carefully lift the vinyl by peeling up the transfer paper. If a letter doesn't stick - put it back down and rub it some more. 

 Next, put a towel down and spray the surface of where you are going to place your vinyl letters with a water/soap mixture (1 cup water + 2 drops of baby shampoo). This will work on plastic or stainless cups. I haven't tried it on glass or other surfaces yet.

Place your vinyl on the wet surface. Reposition as needed. 

Smooth the vinyl down and press the contact paper down with your fingertips. 

 Rub the vinyl with the scraper and push the water toward the edges. Use the towel to absorb the water and wipe it away. During this step you will notice that you are also eliminating all of the tiny air bubbles!

Dry the surface getting as much water out as possible. 

This is the hardest part! Let the cup rest for 20 minutes to an hour. Keep the transfer tape over the vinyl and don't touch it. If you peel it off too soon it will be a little wet underneath and the lettering will peel right up. Wait! :) If you're like me - go make some new designs or chat on Facebook!

After about 20 minutes, carefully peel back the transfer tape. Have a tool handy to push down any letters that lift. Or tap them down with your fingers.

Lastly, spray the letters again and wipe it clean! Ta-da! You have a personalized cup!


  1. Nice tutorial. I can tell you are a teacher. One question, when you layer do you wet the next layer as well.

  2. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes, when layering colors I still do it wet. Just make sure you have time (around 20 minutes between layers).


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