All About Me

Thank you for checking out my blog. I'm always searching online to find ideas from other teachers and thought that it's about time that I post some of my own. I hope you find something from one of my posts that you can use. If you ever want me to email you it directly, comment on the post so I can send it your way.

I have been a teacher for 11 years. I graduated from Western Oregon University in 2001 and I earned my masters in Curriculum and Instruction from  Lewis & Clark College. I earned my ESOL and Literacy Specialist endorsements at Lewis and Clark. I teach in Portland, OR in a school that is high in poverty (90% on free and reduced lunch) and high in ELL students (I only have 5 out of 26 students that speak English only).

My first teaching experience was in Yerington, Nevada where I taught grades 1 and 2. The past 10 years have been split - I taught 5 years of Kindergarten, a 5 year stretch of teaching first grade, and am back to teaching Kindergarten again. I think Kindergarten might be my true love!

My school uses Bridges in Mathematics for its math curriculum and Houghton Mifflin for reading. I have implemented the Daily 5 from the two sisters into my reading time, and am dabbling in the CAFE setup. I want to share my adventures in teaching as I embark on next year. I am fully implementing the Common Core Standards for ELA and math. For science I use GLAD techniques that basically make content comprehensible for English language learners. I teach my own ESL/ELD class - using a walk-to model. I teach the level 1s/2s. We use systematic ELD and are fully doing sentence frames and tons of strategies to get kids speaking.

Thanks for stopping by. Drop me a comment if you want!

Warmly, Laura