My Crafty Side

I love crafting, sewing, baking and all that good stuff. I think I inherited a little bit of talent from my grandma...(miss you grandma) and I love to do a lot of my work free-hand or without patterns. I guess I'm a visual person. Here is a glimpse of a few of my projects. If your wondering, I find a lot of ideas online and use them for inspiration. 

This section is showing some of the items I've APPLIQUED. All you do is get some cute fabric, iron on some fusible webbing, cut out the shape you want, iron it on in place and then zig-zag stitch around the edges so it doesn't peel up. It's so easy and adds so much to the look of an item. The bird shirts were inspired by an artist on etsy, but couldn't afford the prices so I did it myself. I credit her with the clever ideas.

My niece's hoodie that I girlied up. Love the owl!

My son's monogramed "put a bird on it" shirt. 

My niece CC's bird on it shirt. Yep, Portlandia all the way!

I got the cutest BEE fabric and made another monogrammed shirt for my son.

Personalized onesie. I traced letters for this one. Font was something like alpha fridge magnets.
This was the first onesie I appliqued. It was my son's Valentine's Day shirt.

I learned how to applique online by reading directions on tutorials and it's becoming a serious addiction. Guess what all of my preggo friends get for baby showers now? Yep, appliqued onesies! This is the first one I did - I made a Valentine's Day bear for my son. I loved it on him!

Onto other sewing projects: 

A little bandana dress with ribbon ties and eyelet ribbon. So cute and easy!

I followed directions for the crayon rolls from the Pleated Poppy. This project took a bit longer as there's lots of stop and go sewing.

Crayon Rolls with laminate backing on flannel.

Close up of crayon roll.
These are some that I made for a bazaar or gave as gifts. 

Girls bib
Boys bib

I found a link to the Green Eyed Monster. She had directions and a little tutorial on how to make these monkey cake pops. I followed that and after a bit of experimenting - it worked out. My tip is to use candy melts for dipping (dark brown chocolate) instead of melting chocolate chips - that turns into an oily mess. Candy melts worked like a charm. Also, I suggest freezing the cake balls before dipping them. 

My final summer craft was painting this silhouette of my son. I printed a picture of him, cut it out and traced in in pencil onto canvas that I pre-painted (the night before) green. Then I filled it in with black paint. I used acrylic paints. It's on a canvas about 4x6 and I love having this little keepsake. I think I'll hang it in his room or store it in a little memory box. I found the tutorial for this online and can't remember where. If it was yours, please let me know so I can give you credit. 

So when I'm not teaching, I'm always busy crafting something. I hope you find something you like that will inspire the artist within you. If you need any directions for these projects I'm happy to help.

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